About Me

Pic4I’m Laura…

…an Irish girl well settled into Spanish life. After completing a degree in International Business and Languages, I decided that living abroad was something I really wanted to do. I mean, why not? I already had the language down (or so I thought at the time) and I figured it would be nice to wake up in the sunshine every morning rather than the rain. So here I am almost three years later, living and working in Spain, and I haven’t looked back.

Although I do occasionally miss the odd Irish fry-up, Tayto crisp sandwich and my mum’s baking, I can’t complain that these comfort foods have now been replaced (temporarily) with new ones like bocadillo de calamares (squid baguette), paella valenciana (Paella from Valencia) and tortilla española (Spanish omelette).

If you ever need to bribe me you should know that I will never say no to a good apple pie (for me that means no cinnamon). I’m also a lover of all things chocolate – even raisins if they’re covered in the stuff! While I by no means consider myself to be an expert in food or cooking, I really just enjoy playing around in the kitchen with new, out of the ordinary recipes as well as old classic ones so if you do happen to have any questions about anything I post or about the blog itself, just get in touch!

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoy! : )


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