French Flavours

I’ve been in France for just over a month now and there are two words which fairly much sum up my time here: crepes and waffles. I haven’t even been near a croissant or baguette but that’s probably because I was too busy smothering the first two things I mentioned in Nutella to think about anything else.

It’s not like I live off sugar and pastries all the time – I wish I could – but it just so happened that February was my birthday month as well as V-day so it would be rude not to celebrate with chocolate! France is a country with super wonderful food and the photos below show a wee snapshot into my first month here!

Two days in the Alliance Française Academy and there was a ‘goûter de crêpes’ (crepe tasting). I easily found room in my stomach for about 6 or 7 crepes and as it was my birthday that day, I was also treated to an embarrassingly loud chorus of Happy Birthday in the school’s dining room. Worth it!


I spent one weekend in a nearby town famous for its castles, Carcassonne, and even though it was small it was beautiful. It’s also a great destination for the Zombie Apocolypse FYI!

From our hotel window, you looked right onto the largest castle in the centre of the town. We were also just a short 10 minute walk from all the bars, restaurants and cafes the town had to offer.

WP_20150214_014 (2)

Here’s a peek into what we ate over the weekend. I would go back in the morning to eat it all over again – SO good!


Charcuterie – French style


Salmon Salad with Avocado

WP_20150214_018 (2)

Pate with Salsa and Toasted Bread

WP_20150214_017 (2)


The famous ‘Cassoulet’ – sausages, duck and butter beans, a must-try!

We ate two of these each – it was yum!!

WP_20150214_006 (2)

Chicken Stuffed with Foie Gras – courtesy of ‘Le 37’ in Carcassonne –


WP_20150214_019 (2)

Steak with a Potato and Herb Mix

WP_20150214_020 (2)


Chocolate Fondant

To die for!

WP_20150214_021 (2)

Chocolate Pudding with Whipped Cream

WP_20150214_022 (2)

You can have as many delicious restaurant desserts as you like but nothing will ever beat the taste of banana and Nutella crepes and waffles. Luckily, France has an abundance of the latter! 😀

WP_20150215_001 (2)

WP_20150215_011 (2)

To sum up, if you don’t like foie gras, your food options are cut short in most places but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider a gym membership to do some damage control with the sheer quantity of bakeries and pastries here!