Food makes me happy

They say that if you are going to write, you should write about what you love. I happen to love food. Especially the chocolate kind. And the bacon kind. And come to think of it, the cake and pizza kind as well. That being said, I am a very firm believer in surrounding yourself with what you love and what makes you happy so that’s why I wanted to start this blog.

love to eat 2

To be perfectly honest, I am most definitely not a domestic goddess (hence the title) and my presentation skills on a plate are indeed sometimes problematic. As are my photography skills actually. Both of which have been pointed out to me on numerous occasions. This doesn’t particularly bother me though because eating is what I actually love the most. I hope however that by creating this blog, it will help me to become more motivated to improve in the kitchen and experiment more with food!

cooking_project (1)

As a very amateur cook, most of what you’ll find here, as well as some mentions of my favourite places to grab a bite, are simple, minimum-effort recipes. Most will be clean-eating inspired, but some will be as far from that as possible. I may have a few obscure and questionable recipe ideas and combinations, but hopefully you will come across some new things to try out!

More posts and recipes on the way!